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We manufacture, supply and export beautiful and elegant Piston Ring, Piston Kits, Engine Gasket, Timing Kits, Engine Valve, Oil Ring, Carburetor Kits, Hydraulic Brake System, Liner Kit, Engine Bearing, factory in Taiwan. Our products come in a multitude of spell bounding designs, cheerful colors and fascinating texture. Focusing on development, production and quality control, our products are made more appealing using embroidery work. It can be custom designed as per the specifications of our customers at economical prices. More styles wanted, please contact us right now!
  • Timing Belt Kit - 02 02 - Timing Belt Kit : Timing Kits
    The automotive timing kit is compatible with diverse branded car, such as American Car and Korean Car.
  • Timing Belt Kits - 02-A 02-A - Timing Belt Kits : Timing Kits
    We have been producing Engine Parts for over 30 years. We provide numerous auto engine parts, such as Timing Kit, Crank Gear and Cam Gear, etc. This Timing Kit can be applied to numerous car, no matter Japanese Car or Korean Car.
  • Timing Guide - 02-B-1 02-B-1 - Timing Guide : Timing Kits
    It is available for various car use, no matter Japanese Car or American Car.
  • Timing Guide - 02-B-2 02-B-2 - Timing Guide : Timing Kits
    C.T.I. Traffic Industries Co., Ltd. is a superior Auto Engine Parts Manufacturer in Taiwan, specializing in Car Timing Kit and Timing Components. The Timing Guide is compatible with numerous branded car around the world.
  • Timing Chain Kit - 02-C 02-C - Timing Chain Kit : Timing Kits
    This automotive timing chain is suitable for various kind of vehicle use. It also compatible with numerous branded car.
  • Timing Tensioner - 02-D 02-D - Timing Tensioner : Timing Kits
    The Tensioner can be applied to automotive use and it is durable.
  • Timing Gears - 02-E-1 02-E-1 - Timing Gears : Timing Kits
    We are high quality Engine Parts Manufacturer, providing lots of Automotive Timing Kit and Timing Components. The Cam Gear is available for mechanical and automotive use.
  • Timing Gear - 02-E-2 02-E-2 - Timing Gear : Timing Kits
    Our comany has provided Cam Gear for automobile use for over 30 years. It is suitable for truck use, automobile use and mechanical use.
  • Crank Timing - 02-E-3 02-E-3 - Crank Timing : Timing Kits
    We are professional Auto Engine Parts supplier, providing high quality Crank Gear to all over the world.
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Timing Kits

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In order to fulfill the requirement of everyone, our organization is engaged in offering high quality of the

Timing Kits

. They connected the crankshaft to the camshaft(s), which in turn controls the opening and closing of the engine's valves. The kit generally includes the belt itself, idler and tensional pulleys which are necessary to maintain or decrease slack as needed, and bolts needed to secure everything in place. We put forth a range of Timing Kits which is used for auto engine transmission system. And it is widely used by foreign automobile markets. When a timing belt is replaced, correct belt tension is critical. If the belt is too loose, it will whip, too tight and it will whine and put excess strain on the bearings of the cogs. In either case belt life will be drastically shortened. For this reason it is important to replace all the timing components, rather than just the timing belt. A timing belt kit is needed if the car manufacturer specifies that all parts connected to the belt should also be changed. Failure to change the timing belt when necessary can result in major engine damage.