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    Professional manufacturer of Liner Kit on Diesel Engines in Taiwan.
Mesmerizing in designs, we have for our clients high grade

Liner Kit

products. They come in bright color combinations that make them an eye catching look.


Liner Kit

is specialized for those fireplace insert applications where a tee and tee end cap are not needed. a moldable, soft, putty-like ever-flexible material. You manually mold it by hand to fit the shape of your denture wherever it will touch your gums or other parts of the skin in your mouth. The kit has been outfitted with our stove adapter designed by those in the field. Also, we are involved in offering customization in terms of size, design, pattern and color as per the specifications of the clients. Liner Kit made to accept our liner into the top female end with our EZ clamp to tighten it in place; it then slips into the top of the stove or insert's collar for an easy transition to the stove or other application. The liner is quite durable; however, you can replace it easily with a new liner at anytime. Liner adheres beautifully to inside of fuel tank, sets up fast and cures to a smooth, tough, permanent elastomeric finish. White color helps you see that tank is thoroughly coated. Resists leaded and unleaded gas, gasohol, octane boosters and fuel additives when used as recommended.